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Who We Are

Social Startup Consulting (SSC), is a social enterprise that brings sales, marketing, and operational expertise to startups who have good ideas and financing but who lack the internal expertise to build and grow top-performing operations, marketing, and sales teams.

Social Startup Consulting provides the comprehensive services required to build a strong sales and/or marketing team from the ground up.

These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Writing an initial pitch script then testing and refining that pitch script in the marketplace

2. Interviewing, hiring, and training the first class of sales reps and later classes as needed

3. Lead generation strategy

4. CRM system consulting, including how to scale from MVP (like Google docs) to more professional CRM’s like Salesforce

5. Comprehensive sales strategy including sales rep compensation and incentive structure, lead distribution strategy, and sales rep performance evaluation system

6. Coaching and performance management strategy, teaching startups both how to prepare the best reps to become team leaders and when and how to let an under-performing rep go

7. Creating a strong culture where sales teams are honest, happy, productive, and empowered to contribute valuable feedback to product development and management teams

Our service is better than what other sales and marketing consulting companies currently offer because we offer not only the frameworks and playbooks required for success but also work closely with our clients to actually implement the sales strategies we teach.

Implementation is where the true value happens because building an organization from scratch is hard, time consuming, and emotionally draining, especially for people trying to do it for the first time. We give founders and managers the playbooks and expertise needed to efficiently ramp up top-performing teams.

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Social Startup Consulting Services

We are here to help you build your sales team, launch your marketing channels, and solidify your social impact strategy. 

Business Development

We will help you build your sales or biz dev team from the ground up, from writing job postings, to creating pay and incentive structures, interviewing candidates, creating training and onboarding materials, and writing and testing pitch scripts.  From day one, we'll help your sales team be happy, productive, and successful in growing your business.



Get your business marketing off the ground with our expert guidance. We will help your business find it's unique voice as we help you set up your website, create and launch effective social media pages, plan your social media strategies, and get set up with tools that will automate a your workload. Then we'll help you dive into the analytics to optimize your marketing performance.

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Social Impact

The best companies in the world are investing in CSR and social impact initiatives because they're not only good for the world, they're good for business! We will help you set up a social impact strategy custom-tailored your company's unique strengths and opportunities. This starts with analyzing your core competencies and values and identifying  where you can make a difference.

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Customer Reviews

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"From start to finish, Katy did an outstanding and professional job. We hired her because of her strong, proven experience in sales and couldn't be happier with the deliverables. She helped us write a sales script for our company video and even took the time to carefully coach us through the delivery of the script. I will hire her again for future related jobs and highly recommend her. She's a true gem. Thank you!"

Patrick P.

How to Build a Top Performing Sales Team from the Ground Up

Are you seeking to build a top performing sales team from the ground up? This video (from our founder's keynote speech at San Diego Startup Month) will give you a step-by-step guide to hiring, training, and managing for top performance.

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