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Katy Sperry

Hi there, I'm Katy, the founder of Social Startup Consulting. I founded SSC because after years of building brands and sales teams for some of America's best tech companies, I wanted to utilize my skills to serve the sector I'm most passionate about, the social impact sector.

I believe that as social enterprises leverage the playbooks and growth strategies employed by the best companies in the world, we can create positive change faster and more effectively than ever before. 

My main claim to fame is that I built one of UberEATS's first sales organizations from the ground up and led that team to become a global top performer. Prior to Uber, I worked in brand strategy for and at a variety of startups, both nonprofit and for-profit. I've also helped launch a startup incubator for social entrepreneurs as well as served in Global Operations roles at a rapidly growing global healthcare company. 

I strive to bring my whole self to every consulting session, drawing on lessons learned from diverse experiences to create cohesive tailored strategies for my clients

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